About us

KOGEI JAPAN is a site that sends out information on the world-class brand of Japanese traditional crafts and the technological excellence of its craftsmanship, not only within Japan, but also overseas.

Trade and Industry, and you can find a detailed description of the characteristics, history, and manufacturing processes of a wide genre of traditional crafts such as ceramics, lacquerware, woven textiles, dyed textiles, metalworking products, wood craftwork, bamboo craftwork, stonework, writing tools, washi paper, dolls, kokeshi, household Buddhist altars, and household Buddhist fittings.

In various regions of Japan there are still many relatively unknown excellent crafts, in addition to crafts that are popular worldwide, such as “Nambu Tekki,” “Kutani Yaki,” “Edo Kiriko,” “Kumano Fude,” “Wajima Nuri,” and “Nishijin Ori.” Please enjoy KOGEI JAPAN where information on all 222 traditional crafts is available to enhance your pleasure in the appealing charm of traditional crafts.