About us

Kogei Japan is a website that aims at introducing traditional Japanese crafts for everyday use.

Kogei Japan lists items designated as "Traditional Crafts of Japan" by the Ministry of Economy. There are several categories: ceramics, woven textiles, dyed textiles, dolls (including kokeshi type Japanese traditional dolls), metal, lacquerware, wood and bamboo, household Buddhist altars, writings tools and brushes, stonework, semiprecious stone craftwork, Japanese traditional paper (washi), industrial art materials and tools and other crafts such as cut glass, folding fans, leather etc. To be eligible as a kogei craftwork, each piece must be handmade in Japan using Japanese materials and traditional techniques.

A lot of crafts have been appreciated for many years and are still very popular throughout Japan and respected overseas such as Edo kiriko cut glass or Kumano brushes. Others are less known, even by the locals, but we hope that Kogei Japan will help you discover and understand the beauty that traditional Japanese crafts convey.