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Cautions when using

This page describes items requiring caution when using the traditional crafts information website "KOGEI JAPAN" (hereinafter, "this site").

In using this site, it is deemed that you have agreed to the following points.

Also, for items established in the User Agreement relating to services provided by OpenDoor Inc. (hereinafter, "our company") in relation to this site, please use only after thoroughly reading the relevant agreement (hereinafter, "separate agreements").


This site is a traditional crafts-related information service provided by our company free of charge.

our company cannot be held responsible for any matters relating to the authenticity, accuracy, credibility, integrity, security, appropriateness or usefulness of information found on this site and used or not used by customers using this site.

Our company may change the information published on this site without prior notice. Also, please note in advance that the operation of this site may be interrupted or stopped. Moreover, our company cannot be held responsible for any kind of loss that occurs due to changes in the information published on this site and the interruption or stoppage of the application of this site for any reason whatsoever.

Intellectual property rights, etc.

This site, the information of which this site consists (including but not limited to information in the form of text, photographs, and images, etc.; the same applies hereinafter) and all rights including related copyrights, design rights, trademark signs, other intellectual property rights (hereinafter, "intellectual property rights"), ownership and publicity rights, etc. belong to our company or third party rights-holders. Therefore, users of this site must not carry out any acts in violation of rights relating to this site and the information of which this site consists.

In case any dispute or problem has occurred due to violation of the above by a user of this site, the user shall resolve said dispute or problem at his/her own expense and responsibility, and shall not inflict any kind of trouble or damage on our company.

Handling of personal information

Please see our Privacy Policy page.

Prohibited items

On this site, the following acts or acts concerning which there is a risk of equivalent outcome are completely prohibited. If the user has violated these prohibitions, our company shall have the right to stop the acts that are in violation, as well as the right to request compensation for damages inflicted on our company by the acts that are in violation and the return of the amount of profit that the user has gained from such actions.

  • (1) Acts in violation of laws and ordinances, this agreement or separate agreements, or public order and morals
  • (2) Acts in violation of the intellectual property rights, publicity rights, privacy rights or other rights of our company, the producers of traditional crafts, relevant organizations, etc.
  • (3) Disadvantages or damages inflicted on our company, the producers of traditional crafts, relevant organizations, etc. or acts where there is a risk of such an outcome
  • (4) Access to this site with the purpose of carrying out or preparing to carry out business activities or other commercial activities that our company has not approved in advance
  • (5) Data mining, use of robots or other similar data collection or extraction methods on this site
  • (6) Acts that falsify or defame this site, unauthorized access, provision or transmission of harmful programs such as computer viruses, acts that obstruct normal use such as overloading the computers/servers of our company, or other acts that interfere with the operation of this site by our company or its use by the users
  • (7) Acts that are not logically assumed or pardoned in advance as methods of using this site
  • (8) Other acts that are deemed to be inappropriate by our company

Standard law and courthouse with jurisdiction

The use of this site shall conform to the Laws of Japan.

For all disputes relating to the use of this site, Tokyo District Court shall be established as the courthouse for the first hearing.