Gen'emon-gama atelier Imari yaki Arita yaki

Japan's delicacy and grace in three colors:
Vivid white, red and indigo potteries

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Our Commitment to Quality

Gen'emon-gama atelier

Putting our heart and soul in the creation

We are often told that our works look both fresh and strong. That's because our creation process has remained the same from the very beginning and we have kept our traditions alive. First, the sketch professional designs the piece, then the Potter's wheel artisan builds a good shape. The firing master and the overglaze decoration master then work together in harmony to create the perfect piece. Our many professional potters' techniques and skills bring out the best form and patterns for each piece.

Gen'emon-gama atelier

Our experienced crafstmen's techniques

All our artisans are entirely devoting themselves to creating with pride the most gorgeous and meaningful pieces. Both experienced artists and young trainees work together and you could cut the tension in the atelier with a knife when they are all concentrated on their work. Not one mistake can be forgiven at any step of the creation. The artisans' passion and spirit are what makes each work a unique and beautiful piece.

Gen'emon-gama atelier

A glimpse of the first Imari-ware

Our goal is to preserve and keep on producing ancestral Imari-ware pottery using the techniques of the Middle Ages potters. That is why we create unique and charming traditional pottery in the 21st century. We design tableware, decorative products and artworks here in the Gen'enmon-gama atelier and also work in collaboration with Hungary's famous atelier, Herend. While always giving a priority to innovation and new ideas, we will keep on creating traditional Imari-ware pottery that can adapt to any time and place.

Inquiries about this product or the atelier