Hakone wood mosaic Izumiya Hakone yosegi zaiku

We create articles of rare beauty to make sure that our customers can enjoy the best Hakone wood mosaic items for a very long time.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Hakone wood mosaic Izumiya

Traditional woodworks

Wood mosaic is a traditional Japanese woodcraft made by adding different trees together like a puzzle. Several types of colored woods are gathered together by the artisan using traditional techniques. The natural rich colors and beautiful grains of the trees are kept intact and allow the production of vivid and bright patterns. The warmth of wood mosaic trees will bring a feeling of security and stunning colors to your everyday life.

Hakone wood mosaic Izumiya

Our special puzzle boxes

Our puzzle boxes are not only gorgeous but they also have a unique soft feeling to the touch. Every little detail is carefully created so the box's movements are the smoothest possible. The surface of the box is finished with urethane coating, usually used for giving wood furniture a glossy touch. Our puzzle boxes are fascinating luxury items that can't be compared to others.

Hakone wood mosaic Izumiya

Personalised gifts

We accept orders to personalise and engrave names on our products. Wether it is a gift, a souvenir or for school or work celebrations, personalising our items will make your order even more special. We particularly recommend chopsticks with your name on it for couples or families, as they will be great lifelong memories.

Inquiries about this product or the atelier