Tomihiro hand-dyeing atelier Kyo yuzen

Our fabric dyeing expert artisans create Kyoto textiles in the respect of traditions and techniques.
We wish to create Kyoto textiles that reflect Kyoto's beauty and sensitivity for modern-days individuals.

Our Commitment to Quality

Tomihiro hand-dyeing atelier

Our brand's concept

Our aim is to preserve Kyo textiles' traditions in Kyoto. Japan's four seasons and story are shown through Kyo textiles. We are using our own blend and nuances of colors that you won't find anywhere else to express Japan's beauty. We wish to be a brand that helps every soul live a wonderful, more beautiful life.

Tomihiro hand-dyeing atelier

All handmade in Kyoto

At Tomihiro atelier, we create handmade dyed Japanese traditional textiles such as kimono. There are many steps to creating a single item and several artisans are involved in the making of colors. Different artisans' skills and heart are condensed into each of our items, making every product unique."

Tomihiro hand-dyeing atelier

Creating in Kyoto

We adore and are proud of Kyoto for many reasons: its beautiful landscapes, traditional housing or the fact that your workplace and home can be at the same location. We keep on protecting Kyoto's spirituality and sense of beauty for further generations.

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