Senryuzan atelier Hagi yaki

From choosing the clay to the firing, all the creation steps are handmade by our artisans.
We use traditional techniques to create deep and meaningful items.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Senryuzan atelier

Using a Potter's wheel

We use a traditional pottery kick wheel to create our items because we believe the relationship between the artisan and the clay is the most important (for some of our biggest items, we sometimes use an electric wheel). Most ateliers use only electric wheels now but at Senryuzan atelier, we keep on using traditional wheels.

Senryuzan atelier

Firing in a climbing kiln

We use traditional climbing kilns for the firing of our items. Climbing kilns are difficult to control and many pieces are lost every time but it also allows us to create very strong, high-quality products. The color variation (yohen) that appears during the firing is also what makes climbing kilns unique.

Senryuzan atelier

Homemade clay and glaze

We create our own clay and glaze from raw materials instead of buying them. We create our original perfectly balanced clay and glaze using Hagi ware's history and our many years of experience. Our unique clay and glaze are made to fit all our strict rules about techniques, firing, temperature, color, quality, touch etc.

Inquiries about this product or the atelier